About Us

kairoi{Pl. of Greek kairos}

Kairos time signifies a critical or opportune moment for action.

Our History

Evolving with healthcare delivery

Like so many “old hands” in health care, we have spent our careers trying to expand access, while working to improve the quality of care. We came to understand that improving efficiency and reducing costs were necessary to achieve the access/quality goals. Reflecting on our various experiences and learnings, we concluded that increasing provider productivity is a key to getting more patients care within manageable cost parameters.

We worked with clinics and medical groups in California and the Midwest to gather data and test solutions and to pilot our solution. The studies brought out a core insight—that clinical productivity can only be optimized by managing the supply of appointments rather than attempting to manage patient behavior.

It took several years to develop our technology, analyzing data from a wide range of outpatient hospital units, medical groups, and community clinics. We developed a patented software-based product line which produces real time, accurate data analyses as the foundation for optimized clinical schedules. Our schedules are able to deliver productivity in the range of 90% to 95%, as much as a 30% increase in some cases. Cloud-based platforms made it practical to develop a SaaS solution, easily deployed with minimal investment and training.

KairoiOptimize™ was launched in 2019 as our automated solution to the productivity problem and through that, to improve the quality of patient care, corral costs and broaden access to care.

As more clinics and practices realize productivity gains from using KairoiOptimize, we continue to incorporate results and feedback into ongoing product improvements and shareable insights.

Capitation and the rebound from Covid-19 will continue the pressure for increased efficiency in healthcare delivery. To best serve patients, clinics and practices must become as efficient as possible with their most valuable resource—the time of highly trained professionals.