More Patients

with no additional provider hours

It's Patented
It's Automated
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Designed by clinicians to help clinicians

Patient Access

Appointments become available to patients sooner.

Provider Morale

Better patient flow with no lost time.

No extra data input needed from providers.

Productivity & Revenue

Fills appointment slots with completed encounters, generating more revenue.

The Productivity Problem

Lost time hurts your clinic,
providers, and patients

At many provider systems, physicians’ schedule density is currently about 80%, but high-performing practices can consistently reach a 90% to 95% density without physician burnout.

The Productivity Solution

Recover lost time,
improve outcomes

Our patented process identifies the appointment slots in danger of being lost
to a no-show or late cancellation and fills them with backup appointments.
Providers see a flow of patients and their time isn’t wasted
waiting for patients who don’t come. Patients have faster access
to see a provider resulting in better outcomes.

Easy Set-Up

Guided setup during zoom call, requires no additional staff time or training.

Patented Data Cleansing

Kairoi’s process compensates for data entry errors.


Schedule optimization based on provider histories no arbitrary patterns. implement clinic-wide.

Automated Operation

Backup appointment slots are added each month to next month’s schedules.

Automated Operation

Fully integrated with athenaOne. Needs no additional data entry by provider.

Appointment Analytics

Reporting reveals actionable insights.

Case Study

Novel Approach, Huge Impact

Using KairoiOptimize, PrimeCareHealth increased patient access and improved practice revenue by minimizing the impact of late cancellations and no-shows. KairoiOptimize helped providers see more than 1 additional patient in each session, a total of over 2,100 additional patients in 12 months.

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