Powerful, patented technology yields ≥95% clinic productivity.

See the KairoiOptimize difference in your clinic's operations and bottom line.



Designed by clinicians for clinicians

KairoiOptimize delivers measurable results by analyzing your
encounter histories to increase kept appointments.

Productivity & Revenue

Fills appointment slots with completed encounters, generating more revenue.

Provider Morale

Better patient flow with no lost time.

Time scheduled for charting, resulting in less work to take home.

No extra data input needed from providers.

Patient Access

Appointments become available to patients sooner.

Patient-centered quality reporting enables targeted outreach.

The Productivity Problem

Lost time hurts your clinic,
providers, and patients

At many provider systems, physicians’ schedule density is currently about 80%, but high-performing practices can consistently reach a 90% to 95% density without physician burnout.

The Productivity Solution

Recover lost time,
improve outcomes

Our patented algorithm finds each provider’s pattern of no-shows and late cancellations. Kairoi’s optimization engine uses this information to build schedules that back-fill these holes and organize time for admin tasks. Providers don’t lose time waiting for patients who don’t come. Their workdays flow better, reducing burnout and turnover, and patients get appointments sooner.

Easy Set-Up

Guided setup during two 1-hour zoom calls. Our SaaS solution requires no additional staff time.


Schedules based on validated patterns, not estimates. Reporting identifies best practices to implement clinic-wide.

Patented Data Cleansing

Kairoi process compensates for data-entry errors, producing accurate appointment records for schedule optimization.

Automated Operation

Backup appointment slots are added each month to next month’s schedules. No additional work for practice managers.

AthenaNet Integration

Fully integrated with athenaNet. Needs no additional data entry by provider.


Quality management reports shown in patient-centered view with links to scheduling.
 Enables targeted patient outreach.

Case Study

Small Changes, Huge Impact

We turn incremental increases in productivity into real,
measurable results on your bottom line.

Using KairoiOptimize, PrimeCareHealth improved revenue by minimizing the impact of late cancellations and no-shows. Our schedules increased productivity from 83% to 93% for a group of clinicians, prompting buy-in across the organization.


Annualized Additional

Without adding hours to the provider’s day



A 10% increase maintained over 5 months


Added Annual

Using KairoiOptimize provider schedules


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