Optimize productivity to raise your clinic revenue, serve more patients, and support providers.

Why should you optimize your providers’ schedules?

  • Increase clinic revenue by adding 2 to 3 kept appointments per provider every day.
  • Improve patient outcomes by making appointments available sooner.
  • Enhance providers’ work experience by minimizing schedule disruption and at-home work.

KairoiOptimize™ uses a patented technology to analyze your clinic history and build schedule templates based on your clinic profile and patterns of appointment use. Engineered to yield more kept appointments, it works with your existing staff and resources. And as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, it needs no on-site installation or maintenance.

What if you could raise clinic productivity above 90%?

What's Holding Back Your Clinic?

What’s holding your clinic back? A provider’s schedule typically looks full as the day begins. But when it ends, she may have seen only 75% of scheduled patients. No-shows, late cancellations, and reschedules disrupt providers’ rhythms and diminish clinic revenue. This lost productivity has been quantified: McKinsey reports that average clinic productivity is in the 75 to 80% range.

Kairoi Research Shows...

What Kairoi’s research shows. Unkept appointments follow patterns that vary by clinic, by provider, and by hour of day/day of the week/month of the year. If you identify these patterns and backfill appointments, you will raise clinic productivity. McKinsey estimates that, with the right support, clinicians could reach 90+% productivity and enjoy more job satisfaction.

What it means for your patients

What it means for patients and providers. When patients call, the first available appointment is often weeks away, even while many slots go unused. KairoiOptimize fills those “opportunity” slots; patients seen sooner are happier and ultimately healthier. For providers, our templates schedule blocks of time in the clinic day for charting and other admin tasks, reducing “homework.”

What it means for your clinic

What it means for your clinic. A clinic’s current performance level determines its potential to improve, but pilot tests indicate that KairoiOptimize can increase productivity by a range of 10% to 30%. Our analytics monitor performance and identify high-performing providers to help spread best practices throughout the clinic and promote continuous improvement.

How KairoiOptimize™ works. Developed from a logistics-based methodology tested in clinics over 25 years, our process gathers unique clinic data, and analyzes patterns in a clinic and provider’s appointment history to locate the causes of lost productivity. From this analysis, it builds optimized schedules for each provider, using strategic overbooking to add slots where the data predict unkept appointments.

“Cherry Health, the largest Federally Qualified Health Center in Michigan, has collaborated successfully with Kairoi Health to implement its solution at our nonprofit community health center. I don’t hesitate to recommend Kairoi to any healthcare organization seeking actionable, data-driven perspectives that can help maximize clinic productivity and patients’ access to care.”

Tasha Blackmon, CEO
Cherry Health

There is little doubt that the approach taken by Kairoi will improve both efficiencies and effectiveness of healthcare organizations. In the final analysis, our organization was able to show improvements, with additional open slots added to a provider template and reduced downtime for providers due to cancellation and no-shows.

S. Michael Burritt, Practice Manager
Grand Valley State University Family Health Center