Analytics and Schedule Optimization

Improve productivity, patient access, and provider satisfaction with KairoiSuite software.

In today’s demanding healthcare environment, efficient workflow is crucial for clinics, hospitals, and practices to raise productivity and revenue, satisfy providers, and serve patients optimally. To optimize scheduling and solve the patient flow puzzle, you need the sharpest tools.

Kairoi Health’s comprehensive solution is its software as a service (SaaS) product, KairoiSuite™.

It’s the only cloud-based schedule-optimizing software that integrates analytics of actual clinic performance with a powerful logistics engine. Used together, the KairoiLogic and KairoiScheduler applications can streamline operations, reduce stress on providers, enhance patient satisfaction, and increase revenue lost through inefficiency.


Robust Analytics & Planning

Analyzes historical appointment data, equipping decision makers to quickly and easily quantify clinic performance and identify causes of lost productivity and revenue.

  • A proprietary data-cleansing engine ensures that analytics are complete and accurate.
  • Reports are presented in user-friendly dashboards.
  • Ongoing analysis tracks progress and responds to changes in clinic operations.


Easy-to-Use Schedule Templates & Monitoring

Leverages insights gained from KairoiLogic to design optimized scheduling templates based on historical data, clinic goals, and provider preferences.

  • A robust optimization engine designed for clinic operations.
  • Templates are highly customized to provider preferences and transparent in use.
  • Easy-to-use tools facilitate “what-if” scenarios.

Unique among scheduling solutions, KairoiSuite:

Couples powerful data analytics with user-friendly performance dashboards that highlight productivity roadblocks and facilitate benchmarking of clinic and provider performance.

Integrates an industry-proven logistics engine to create customized, optimized schedule templates and facilitate “what-if” scenarios.

Is EHR-agnostic and delivered as software as a service (SaaS). Compatible with all popular systems, it adds value to your EHR. And it can be deployed rapidly without on-site technical support or more work for already-burdened providers.

There is little doubt that the approach taken by Kairoi will improve both efficiencies and effectiveness of healthcare organizations. In the final analysis, our organization was able to show improvements, with additional open slots added to a provider template and reduced downtime for providers due to cancellation and no-shows.

S. Michael Burritt
Practice Manager
Grand Valley State University
Family Health Center

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