Pinpoint, prioritize, and bring to treatment your most at-risk patients by leveraging your existing resources.

Use our automated platform to find patients who need care and give them a choice of appointments this week.

The Population Health Problem

Some Patients with chronic conditions fall through the cracks.

For many reasons, some patients stop making or keeping primary care appointments.

The first hurdle is finding the patients who are most at risk

Successful population health programs start with efficient patient prioritization. Find the most at-risk patients and have appointments available immediately after you speak with them.

The second hurdle is giving them an appointment they will keep

With an average Third Next Available Appointment of 24.6 days, only half or fewer of the patients willould actually keep their appointments.

Introducing KairoiOptimize™

Find patients who need care most urgently

Compiles all relevant visit, medical, and quality measures information from multiple athena reports, filters them by relevant diagnoses, and applies risk-based logic to rank order the list enabling intentional and strategic outreach

Identify immediate appointment opportunities

Find appointment slots that are likely to be late cancellations or no-shows and present them to the care coordinator while the patients are on the phone

And track progress

Provides progress reports for managers to monitor access and quality, showing missed appointments to ensure consistent patient adherence in addition to clinical quality measures such as lab screenings, ag-based preventative care screenings, vaccinations, etc.

Case Study

How PrimeCareHealth Leveraged KairoiOptimize to Reduce 547 Patients’ Risk

PrimeCareHealth Community Health Centers uses Kairoi Optimize to bring patients with chronic conditions back to care


active patient records searched in minutes, not months


patients identified with type 2 diabetes who did not meet PrimeCare’s standard of care


patients returned to care, in 90 days 91% had decreased risk scores


additional kept appointments, replacing patients who no-showed or cancelled same day


return on investment, plus improved control and quality measures