Kairoi Health

Get the most from KairoiSuite® products

Kairoi Health provides professional services that maximize the benefits clients gain from using KairoiSuite. Using data analytics gleaned from KairoiLogic, we can help clinic leaders discover correlations and patterns that contribute to inefficiency, and offer targeted actions — such as strategic capacity loading, which offsets the risk of lost productivity in specific clinics at specific times. We can demonstrate how KairoiScheduler’s templates can best serve a clinic’s particular mix of providers and patients; for example, with appointment overlapping, which accounts for the actual time providers spend with patients in a given appointment.

Improvement can bring its own challenges: For example, when optimized schedule templates recapture time so that more patients can be seen, how do you convince providers to embrace that change?

We can offer the expertise of Kairoi team members who have spent careers leading medical practices or managing clinical operations. Others bring experience in advising healthcare systems large and small, urban and rural; in medical law and insurance, or in developing healthcare IT. For client organizations facing uncomfortable change, our team of leaders offers perspectives on best practices and benchmarking.