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Why Kairoi?
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Enhanced Scheduling

Templates and Scheduling

Our template-building algorithms leverage insights derived from Kairoi’s analytics. A robust, patented optimization engine, purpose-built for clinical operations, designs scheduling templates based on your clinic’s historical data, goals, and provider preferences. It incorporates tools to conduct “what-if” scenarios (for example, how adding hours, staff, or exam rooms changes the picture). Schedule-building algorithms then complete the process, wrapping the optimized template around the days and hours the provider will work.

Create Templates, Fill Calendar



In the Kairoi interface, you create templates as in Athena—up to several variations for each provider. An easy-to-use calendar lets you plot out which providers are working on which dates for the entire month; with a complete overview of the month, you can make changes day to day as needed. Kairoi’s online tool provides a clear visual presentation of provider assignments—a task often still done in spreadsheets or by hand—and makes that information easily shareable.

Build Schedules

When the month’s calendar is complete, our patented optimization engine automates the “apply template” process and builds out each provider’s schedule for the dates they will work. This automated step intelligently adds appointment slots where Kairoi’s analytics predict late cancels and no-shows. The results are exported into athenaNet, where they are available to your schedulers. Kairoi offers an alternate scheduling interface that will connect to the output of our risk-stratification algorithms, enabling staff to reach out to patients who should have priority for appointments.