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Why Kairoi?
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David Flanagan


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“Provider time is a clinic’s most valuable asset, and Kairoi’s mission is to optimize that time for the benefit of all stakeholders in healthcare. Much of my career was spent developing the most efficient tools and procedures to complement the efforts of our labor force. Different industries, but the same mindset and skill set on my part.”

Dave Flanagan joins Kairoi after a long entrepreneurial career, which began when, as an undergraduate, he created a business model for the Boston College newspaper that made it independent of the school. During high school and college he worked as a freelance photographer. For much of his career, he served in various roles within one company, which grew from a typesetting operation to a major supplier of print and electronic production and marketing services nationwide. Holding the responsibilities of president, he was active in developing new products and reorganizing production to take full advantage of new technology. He participated in developing the next generations of hardware and software products for companies marketing to the graphic arts industry, and consulted with publishers and graphic arts companies on three continents. Over the past 30 years, he has lent his operational skills to the boards of several Boston-area independent schools.