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Why Kairoi?
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Understand your clinic data to strategically realign patient flow

Enhanced scheduling

Kairoi generates schedule templates for each provider, informed by their history and clinic preferences, to achieve over 90% productivity.

Data Analytics

Kairoi cleans artifact and error to gather accurate statistics from provider's historical schedule records

Data Analytics

The Kairoi process starts with powerful analytics that examine your specific clinic history and extracts actionable insights: How does patient traffic vary by season, day of the week, time of day? Where do no-shows stack up? Which providers need more (or less) time with patients? and many more variables. Our patented optimizer generates schedule templates—informed by this data and by provider and clinic preferences—that intelligently calibrate appointment length, sequence, and overlap. Managers also use our analytic tools to identify high-performing providers, spread best practices throughout the clinic, and monitor performance improvements

ENHANCED scheduling

Our template-building algorithms leverage insights derived from Kairoi’s analytics. A robust, patented optimization engine, purpose-built for clinical operations, designs scheduling templates based on your clinic’s historical data, goals, and provider preferences. It incorporates tools to conduct “what-if” scenarios (for example, how adding hours, staff, or exam rooms changes the picture). Schedule-building algorithms then complete the process, wrapping the optimized template around the days and hours the provider will work.